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The World Has Shifted

Now It's Mine.

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  • hikari_kaitou@livejournal.com
Hello, and welcome to my journal. I've got a lot of doujinshi posted here so have a look around. I've got mainly Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Hetalia, Phoenix Wright, xxxHolic and Harry Potter with some scattered things from other series like Fruits Basket, Pirates of the Caribbean, Card Captor Sakura and Howl's Moving Castle. Some of them are even scanlated!

A WORD ABOUT MY DOUJINSHI: Please do not share the scans elsewhere, use them in graphics, videos, or whatever. I've been finding a lot of people stealing and redestributing my scans lately without credit and I really hope I won't have to start locking my journal or stop sharing scans.

If you would like to scanlate one of them, please ask me first. If you want to include them in some sort of archive, please do so by providing a link back to my original post. I may be able to offer updated links if any of them have expired, but I've had a few doujinshi sales since I started posting and may have sold them off already.

I've also posted some fanfics, but I've got my fanfic.net account for that so if you're in the mood for fics, it's best to head over there. Here's a link to my page: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/903423/Hikari_Kaitou If you like GermanyxItaly, USUK, DenmarkxNorway, SpainxRomano, KuroganexFai, or PhoenixxEdgeworth you may find something there that's to your liking. I'm also on Deviantart: http://hikari-kaitou.deviantart.com/

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